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Issues and Facts

Growing District

Conroe ISD currently serves over 66,000 enrolled students. Each year the district grows by approximately 1,500 students. That growth is documented and consistent. We MUST continue to plan for new students entering the district. We are the 11th largest district in the State of Texas (out of over 1,000) and will likely break into the top 10 in the next 2 years. We must plan for the future NOW.

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Tax Rate

Conroe ISD maintains the second-lowest tax rate in the Houston-Metro region and the lowest tax rate of any school district in Montgomery County. Our current tax rate is $1.23. That is 5 cents lower than 2016 when I was first elected to the Board. Since 2018, I have helped lower the tax rate to $1.23 in 2019, and we are proposing an even lower tax rate of $1.2125 for 2020. The current average home value in Montgomery County is $300,000. That means, by lowering the tax rate, I have helped save the average homeowner over $200 per year on their tax bill. Conroe ISD's current tax rate of $1.23 is 4 cents lower than our nearest pier district (Fort Bend ISD) and 16 cents lower than the average for other districts in Montgomery County. Keeping taxes low is one of my top priorities.


Student Performance

Conroe ISD's graduation rate of 95.3% is one of the highest in Texas. Our SAT and ACT scores are consistently above both the state and national averages. And, our cost per student is substantially below the state average. That means that we provide a better education for less tax-payer dollars than virtually any district in the state. In fact, Conroe ISD has been recognized once again by the Educational Resources Group as the second-highest performing district in the State of Texas and the highest-performing in the Houston area. Simply put, we provide the best education around while being the best stewards of your tax-payer dollars. Success like that comes from experienced leadership.

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Financial Transparency

Conroe ISD is one of only 2 districts in the State of Texas to be recognized by Texas Smart Schools for 11 consecutive years as having earned the highest honors in financial transparency and accountability. We have earned honors for our transparency presentations on Traditional Finances, Debt Obligations, and Contracts & Procurement. We believe that we are truly stewards entrusted to administer your tax dollars in your school district. I will see that this great legacy of transparency and accountability continues.

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